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What’s that up in the air: Is it a bird, Is it a plane

Imagine an event where people come together and donate gifts for children in need during Christmas. What do you see?

Scenario 1: A decent flow of people are coming in to drop off gifts and leaving as quickly as they can. If so, that is the scenario at most events of this type. People take a few minutes out of their day to donate and then go on to the next thing. It’s an errand. Even though people are coming out of the kindness of their hearts, stopping at the event is an errand that is to be checked off a list.

Scenario 2: Ok, now imagine that same event with throngs of people there ready to donate and help in any way they can. They are enjoying refreshments and talking in groups. The event has the feeling of community about it and will affect the mindset of everyone who attends.

What was different about the two events?

If you are spending time and money to organize something like this the answer to that question is very important. It’s not the topic of the charity – whether people are giving toys to children at Christmas, donating to the homeless at Thanksgiving, or donating money to animal safety, those who want to give will come out and do so. But what is it that keeps them from just walking in, dropping off their items or money, and leaving?


While setting a tone for a room might be low on your list, especially when you are dealing with such important issues and charities in the first place, ambiance is a key ingredient that should not be overlooked. The simple art of enticing people to come in with eye-catching items could change the way your event will be received. That’s where we come in.

We can help you connect with the people who are donating to your cause and get more people to notice your event. The connection with people is important for future donations and in getting new volunteers. We can help you be more visible by creating an inflatable advertising vehicle. Think about it – when you see something up in the sky what it the first thing you do? Try to see what it is! There is a reason that people of a certain age remember the Goodyear Blimp. It was the biggest thing in the sky and people couldn’t take their eyes off of it. Advertising your charity event on blimps, balloons, or inflatables will make people stop and look. Once they look they will become intrigued by your event and this can lead to an increase in donations.

At Big AZ Promotions, we have a wide variety of inflatables for every type of charity event. For example, if you are having an event to stop animal cruelty, we can provide inflatable animals, or if the event is for children’s toys and clothing, we can provide a popular kids character.  In addition to inflatable advertisements, we can also assist you with event tent rentals so that you can set up outside and avoid exorbitant overhead fees of traditional venues. We can also cater the event so that you can entice the attendees even more. Because more people will stay longer to eat and chat, the food and drinks will also provide you a platform to talk about the details of not only the current event you are hosting, but about your organization as well. This is how you will bring people in and introduce them to your cause. This is how you can make scenario 2 a reality.

Having a good cause goes a long way toward bringing people in but there are other aspects of advertising an event that should not be dismissed. Proper advertising is not limited to newspaper ads and radio spots. Visual stimulus in populated areas before and during the event work together with your cause to entice people to contribute. We can help you advertise your event in a unique way and keep people onsite for longer. Let us show you how we can help you succeed.

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