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History of Advertising Over The Years

Advertising is not a new phenomenon by any means. The art of advertisement has continued to evolve with creativity and enthusiasm unlike any other industry.  Case and point: inflatable advertising. This type of inventiveness in advertisement is a perfect example of how the advertising industry continues to use creative methods for getting a prospective buyer’s attention, and holding it.

Take a few minutes and walk down memory lane with us as we showcase some of the highlights in advertising over the years.

-1904: The Associated Advertising Club of America is formed. This was a collective group of agencies and media moguls.

-1905: First ever celebrity product endorsement occurs when a silent movie star endorses cigarettes.

-1917: The American Association of Advertising Agencies is created with over 100 member agencies.

-1920: The first radio station in the United States, KDKA in Pittsburg, launched.

-1922: A radio station in New York, WEAF, offers anyone 10 minutes of time on air for $100.

-1925: The Better Business Bureau is created.

-1938: Ad revenue from radio surpasses that of magazines.

-1941: The first television advertisement debuts before a baseball game.

-1953: The Advertising Research Foundation is created.

-1976: The Supreme Court rules that advertising is protected by the First Amendment.

-1980: Congress revokes the ability of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to regulate the advertising industry based on “unfair” practices.

-1997: The first mobile phone advertisement debuts.

-2006: The rise in popularity of YouTube catapults online digital video advertisements into relevancy

Reading through some of the advertising industry’s most prolific historical events provides a unique prospective on just how competitive and fast-paced it is. In order to effectively stand out, you have to be constantly thinking outside of the box. Constant innovation on how to set your business apart from its competitors is key.

If you are struggling to come up with fresh ideas for how to make your business stand out for your next event, promotion, or product launch, give us a call today. Big AZ Promotions is the advertising expert in the Phoenix area.

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